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バルザン賞(The International Balzan Prize Foundation awards)は、バルザン財団(イタリアとスイスに別々に本部があり、隔年でそれぞれの本部が賞を選考する)が自然科学分野2賞・人文科学分野2賞を与えるものである。3から5年おきに人道的活動などにたいしても授与される。かならずしも知名度の高い賞ではないが、賞金額はノーベル賞に匹敵する。1961年にノーベル財団を表彰したのに始まり、1978年から毎年表彰を行っている。

バルザン財団はイタリア生まれでイタリアの新聞コリエーレ・デラ・セラ(Corriere della Sera)のオーナーの1人でファシズムからスイスに亡命したエウジェニオ・バルザンの遺産を相続したアンジェラ・バルザンが寄付した基金である。表彰式は隔年でベルンとローマのアッカデーミア・デイ・リンチェイで行われる。
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The International Balzan Prize Foundation awards four annual monetary prizes to people or organizations who have made outstanding achievements in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, culture, as well as for endeavours for peace and the brotherhood of man.

The assets behind the foundation were established by the Italian Eugenio Balzan (it) (1874–1953), a part-owner of Corriere della Sera who had invested his assets in Switzerland and in 1933 had left Italy in protest against fascism. He left a substantial inheritance to his daughter Angela Lina Balzan (1892–1956), who at the time was suffering an incurable disease. Before her death, she left instructions for the foundation and since then it has two headquarters, the Prize administered from Milan, the Fund from Zurich.

The first award was in fact 1 million Swiss francs to the Nobel foundation in 1961. After 1962 a gap of 16 years followed when prizes recommenced with an award of half a million Swiss francs to Mother Teresa. Award ceremonies alternate between Bern and the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome, and frequently winners have later won a Nobel Prize.

The amount of each of the four Balzan Prizes is now 750,000 Swiss francs (approx. €700,000; $790,000; £500,000).[3]

All awards are decided by a single committee.
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