The Puerto Rican emerald (Chlorostilbon maugeaus), or zumbadorcito de Puerto Rico in Spanish, is an endemic hummingbird found only in the archipelago of Puerto Rico.

The species displays sexual dimorphism with males and females differing in coloration. The male has iridescent green feathers on its body and a black tail while the female has a white breast and white out tail feathers. They measure 9-10 cm and weigh about 3 grams. The species is found mainly in mountainous regions of Puerto Rico but also occurs along the southwest coast of the main island. Puerto Rican emeralds are highly territorial, often defending territories with intense aerial pursuits.
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ハチドリの一覧は、ハチドリ(鳥類アマツバメ目ハチドリ科 Trochilidae)の下位分類群と種の一覧である。
ヒメエメラルドハチドリ属 Chlorostilbon
Chlorostilbon auriceps, Golden-crowned Emerald
Chlorostilbon canivetii, Fork-tailed Emerald, エンビヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon assimilis, Garden Emerald, パナマヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon mellisugus, Blue-tailed Emerald, アイオヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon melanorhynchus, Western Emerald
Chlorostilbon gibsoni, Red-billed Emerald, アカハシヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon olivaresi, Chiribiquete Emerald
Chlorostilbon aureoventris, Glittering-bellied Emerald, アオムネヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon ricordii, Cuban Emerald, キューバヒメエメラルドハチドリ
†Chlorostilbon bracei, Brace’s Emerald, バハマヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon swainsonii, Hispaniolan Emerald, クロモンヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon maugaeus, Puerto Rican Emerald, プエルトリコヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon russatus, Coppery Emerald, ドウイロヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon stenura, Narrow-tailed Emerald, ホソオヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon alice, Green-tailed Emerald, ミドリオヒメエメラルドハチドリ
Chlorostilbon poortmani, Short-tailed Emerald, タンビヒメエメラルドハチドリ
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Chlorostilbon is a genus of hummingbird in the family Trochilidae, known as emeralds (as are some hummingbirds in the genera Amazilia and Elvira). A single species, the blue-chinned sapphire is variously placed in the monotypic genus Chlorestes or in Chlorostilbon. The taxonomy of the C. mellisugus superspecies is highly complex and, depending on view, includes 1-8 species. All species in this genus have straight black or black-and-red bills. The males are overall iridescent green, golden-green or bluish-green, and in some species the tail and/or throat is blue. The females have whitish-grey underparts, tail-corners and post-ocular streak.
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