Fenodyree “the nimble mower”


フェノゼリー[1]またはフィノーデリー[2](fenodyree, phynodderee, phynnodderee, fynnoderee, fenoderee.発音: IPA: [fənáˑðəri][3][注 1])は、マン島の神話・伝説・民間伝承に語られる、毛むくじゃらで怪力な精霊か妖精の一種。


“Fenodyree”は、マン島英語方言(Manx English)の単語である [3]。

ただしその語源はマン島語(ゲール語の一種)の”fynney”「毛髪、獣毛」[注 2] +”oashyree”「長靴下」[注 3]の複合語に由来するとされる[5] 。もっとも、この「毛深いストッキング」という語釈はかならずしも確かとは言えない[注 4][6]。
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Fenodyree (also phynodderee, phynnodderee, fynnoderee or fenoderee) (IPA: [fənáˑðəri][1] or [fʊnɔːˈd̪ʊrɪː][4][IPA verification needed][a]) in the folklore of the Isle of Man, is a hairy supernatural creature, a sort of sprite or fairy (Manx: ferrishyn), often carrying out chores to help humans, like the brownies of the larger areas of Scotland and England.

General description
A fenodyree in Manx folklore is considered a kind of fairy (Manx: ferrishyn), covered with copious amounts of body hair, normally conducting itself in a naked state without wearing any clothing.[8][11] Comparable to Anglo-Scottish brownie, the creature is said to be oftentimes helpful to humans,[8][11] performing arduous tasks such as transporting great blocks of stone,[8][14] or clipping meadow grass with stupendous speed.[8]

For his talent in the grass-cutting skill, he has earned the nickname yn foldyr gastey or “the nimble mower”,[8] and is sung in a Manx ballad by that very title.[15]
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