Émile Schuffenecker


クロード=エミール・シェフネッケル(Claude-Émile Schuffenecker、1851年12月8日 – 1934年7月31日)はフランスのポスト印象派の画家、美術教師、美術品収集家。

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ひまわり(フランス語: Les Tournesols、オランダ語: Zonnebloemen、英語: Sunflowers)とは、1888年8月から1890年1月にかけてフィンセント・ファン・ゴッホによって描かれた、花瓶に活けられた向日葵をモチーフとする複数の絵画の名称である。

ファン・ゴッホにとっての向日葵は明るい南フランス(南仏)の太陽、ひいてはユートピアの象徴であったと言われている。 南仏のアルル滞在時に盛んに描いた向日葵を、精神が破綻して精神病院での療養が始まってからは描いていないこともその根拠とされる。

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Both repetitions of the 4th version are no longer in their original state. In the Amsterdam version a strip of wood was added at the top—probably by van Gogh himself. The Tokyo version, however, was enlarged on all sides with strips of canvas, which were added at a later time—presumably by the first owner, Émile Schuffenecker.[10] The series is perhaps van Gogh’s best known and most widely reproduced. In the 2000s debate arose regarding the authenticity of one of the paintings, and it has been suggested that this version may have been the work of Émile Schuffenecker or of Paul Gauguin.[11] Most experts, however, conclude that the work is genuine.[12][13]
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Émile Schuffenecker (8 December 1851 – 31 July 1934) was a French Post-Impressionist artist, painter, art teacher and art collector. A friend of Paul Gauguin and Odilon Redon, and one of the first collectors of works by Vincent van Gogh, Schuffenecker was instrumental in establishing The Volpini exhibition, in 1889. His own work, however, tends to have been neglected since his death—and even worse, recent season campaigns in the media have reactivated resentments virulent since the late 1920s, when Schuffenecker was suspected to have imitated the work of other contemporary artists, among them, Van Gogh.[citation needed] Still a contentious issue, it has not been established whether or not he produced forgeries. Meanwhile, serious scholarly research at least has provided the base for a sober historical approach to Schuffenecker’s life and work.
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