ユリア・プチンツェワ(Yulia Putintseva, ロシア語: Юлия Путинцева, 1995年1月7日 – )は、ロシア・モスクワ出身でカザフスタンの女子テニス選手。現時点では、まだWTAツアーでシングルス・ダブルスともに優勝はない。WTAランキング最高位はシングルス27位。ミズノとスポンサー契約を結んでいる[1]。「プティンツェワ」の表記揺れも多い。
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Yulia Antonovna Putintseva (Russian: Ю́лия Анто́новна Пути́нцева; pronounced [pʊˈtʲintsɨvə], puh-TEEN-tseh-vah;[2] born 7 January 1995) is a Russian-born Kazakh professional tennis player. She is a three-time Grand Slam quarterfinalist (twice at the French Open and once at the US Open), and she achieved her career-high singles ranking of world No. 27 in February 2017. So far, she has won two singles titles on the WTA Tour.[1] Before June 2012 she played for her country of birth, Russia.

At Wimbledon, she created a big upset in the first round with another victory over Osaka.[27] However, she lost in the second round to Viktorija Golubic.[21]
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